Members - Office Bearers

Meet the MCC cricketing family and see the role the individuals play in running the club.
Stats shown are from 1999 season onwards.
  1. Aaron Sardesai
    Club Vice-President
  2. Will Collier
    Club Captain, Former 1st XI Captain
  3. Davi Sardesai
    Club President
  4. James Blackmur
    Club Secretary
  5. Chris Durling
    Club Treasurer
  6. Paddy Keogh
    1st XI Captain
  7. Tom Parnell
    1st XI Vice-Captain
  8. Steve Clayton
    2nd XI Co-Captain
  9. Harith Ramachandra
    2nd XI Co-Captain
  10. Neil Granger
    2nd XI Co-Captain, Former Club Captain, Former 1st XI Captain
  11. Rob Trantor
    3rd XI Captain
  12. Matt Fraser
    3rd XI Co-Vice-Captain
  13. Ross Low
    3rd XI Co-Vice-Captain
  14. Smith Sunil
    3rd XI Co-Vice-Captain
  15. Sam Dyer
    Midweek Captain
  16. Jim Flockhart
    Club Scorer

Members - Players

Meet the MCC players for the current season.  Stats shown are from beginning of the 1999 season to 1st June 2019.
The following players are new for the 2019 season.
Shaikh Ahmed
Alex Benson
Sushant Berry
Jacob Birkenshaw (he's back!)
Alan Childs
Chris Dalton (he's back!)
Brendan Eagar
Yogesh Gupta
James Jackson
Phil Jenkins
Simon Joy
Cameron Kelly

Vincent Lee
Sandeep Patlolla
Nandesh Patel
Rakesh Sachdeva

Members - Non-playing and Notable Former Members

Meet some of the key individuals who are or have been involved in MCC over the years.  Stats shown are from 1999 season onwards (unless noted).
Roger Sardesai (Hon. President & Founder Member)
Bashir Wadee (Hon. President & Founder Member)
Mahendra Chetty (Hon. Vice President & Founder Member)
Peter Kampman (Hon. Vice President & Founder Member)
Joe Hannaford (Founder Member)
Kenny Thomson OBE (1st XI Captain)
Malcolm McNulty  (1st XI Captain)
Tony O'Donnell  (1st XI Captain)
Stuart Macgregor  (Hon. Vice President & 1st XI Captain)
Sam Peachey (1st XI Captain)
Pete Maksimczyk  (1st XI Captain)
Matt Loeffen (1st XI Vice Captain)
Liam Hard  (1st XI Overseas Amateur)
David Hannaford  (2nd XI Captain)
Steve Lloyd  (2nd XI Captain)
Neil Wilson  (2nd XI Captain)
Alan Renwick  (2nd XI Captain)
Malcolm Burgen (3rd XI Captain)