Annual Subscriptions - 2017
It was decided at the 2016 MCC AGM that the level of subs would be simplified and increased in line with the steps the club are making in improving facilities and the investment on equipment (sightscreens, etc).  This was the first time they have gone up since 2013.  For 2017 they were retained at the 2016 level.

The subs structure shall be as follows:

Students/Income <£25k  -£50
25k upwards     - £100

These subs cover the full year and includes the following member benefits as noted below:

  • Priority in teams over non-members
  • A vote on all AGM and EGM motions.
  • 3rd Party insurance coverage.
  • MCC Club tie for £5

Please note that this subscription is an annual member sub.  There will be additional costs to be paid for facilities improvements at Cavalry Park, nets, match fees and miscellaneous items.  These are highlighted on other pages of this website.

Subs are due from 1st April of the corresponding season and the final deadline for 2017 subs will be Saturday 13th May 2017.  Any member that has not paid by this time will end up with runing the risk of losing their place in the team, as well as club membership benefits.  Our insurance covers members and if you haven't paid then technically you would not be a member and as such an additional 'day membership' would also be added to any match fee. 

There is no excuse for not paying and you have been warned.  We pride ourselves on being an affordable club for all members and are considerably less expensive than other ESCA teams, but this can only continue for as long as members stump up.

This year, a list of those who have/haven't paid will be dislayed on this page: OUTSTANDING AND PAID SUBS

We have no qualm in naming and shaming!

Again in 2017, there will be a 'Portioned Subscription'.  This will be introduced for those players who are new to the club and who feel they may only play limited games in the season.  No existing member shall qualify for this.  A player will only require to initially pay a portion of their subscription.  Once a player has contributed/played in a specified number of games (this is at the Captain/Commitee's discretion), the player in question will be expected to contribute the remainder of the subscription to become a full member.

Cheques (made payable to Marchmont Cricket Club) and cash are accepted and should be sent to:

The Treasurer,
Marchmont Cricket Club,

If anyone wants to directly transfer money to the Marchmont account, details are available from CJ.  Please also let him know if you have transferred money so he can track it.

Queries should be directed to: [email protected]